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I am an R & D Software Engineer at Works Applications Co. Ltd with professional experience in Full Stack Enterprise Web Application development on the Java platform. Apart from this, I have project-based experience with several technologies like Android, desktop platforms - Linux and Windows, User interface design using HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery/Material design, programming languages - C/C++/Python/Shell etc.

I try to learn about everything I come across as much as possible. I am a perfectionist and a learner. I am always learning about something new or exploring the depths of a familiar topic. I have learned a lot about different technologies while working on my side-projects which I open source, or contributing to others' code.

Work experience:
I am experienced in working at some start-up companies as an Android developer intern. I am familiar with the fast-paced culture and have been responsible for working on most of them from scratch and all by myself. During my period at EasyTables in the summer of 2015, I was successfully able to develop two food ordering Android applications in a span of 15 days, which helped them to expand their user base to Android platform. Around the same time, I was involved with 4-5 early-age startups that are not mentioned in my resume, since they failed and the work was stopped mid-way. During this, I learned about several technologies and methodologies in Software engineering. Then I joined Works Applications where I joined the COMPANY EC team, which was responsible for maintaining and improving a large scale eCommerce ERP system. So, I am experienced at working in different environments and handling multiple projects at the same time.

Currently working as:
Software Engineer in Security team of the Base Technologies division, Singapore.

Side Projects:
I always try to learn something new out of my projects, and whenever I learn something new, I try to make something new out of it. My Github username is: `manparvesh`.

Contact Details

Man Parvesh Singh Randhawa
[email protected] [email protected]


Works Applications Co., Ltd

R&D Software Engineer (Manager Candidate III) October '16 - Present

Development of new features for a leading ERP software vendor in Japan; maintenance of a large code base. Full stack web application development on the Java Platform.

Oct 2017 - present:
Member of the Security team in HUE - Base Technologies division. Our team handles issues related to Login Authentication, Secure storage, Network security, and other Web application security-related matters.

  1. Wrote automated integration tests using Mockito for authentication methods (Basic authentication, 2 Factor Authentication, etc).
  2. Contributing to re-implementing and enhancing Single Sign-On authentication.
  3. Developed a tool that helped in detecting patch leaks in release versions of projects.

Java 8, Spring MVC, Google Closure, Jenkins CI, Cassandra, etc

Feb - Sept 2017:
Full stack development of COMPANY-EC, a large-scale E-Commerce ERP system. Member of a small team that handled user experience related issues in the system in accordance with developers from Tokyo and Chennai office.

  1. Contributed to improving the performance of SQL queries in the IBM DB2 database, hence reducing the costs by up to 85%.
  2. Testing and improving the system.

Java 6, IBM DB2, JavaScript

Easytables and Easykhaana

Android developer August '15

Was responsible for full stack development of two Android applications.
Skills developed:

  1. Java
  2. Google plus API
  3. Google Cloud messaging
  4. Android Studio

IITG Alumni Association

Android developer June-July '15

Was responsible for full stack development of an Android application to help the alumni of IIT Guwahati to stay connected with their alma-mater
Skills developed:

  1. Java
  2. Google plus API
  3. Google Cloud messaging
  4. Parse.com


Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

B. Tech • Civil Engineering June 2016

KLM International School, Pathankot

Secondary and Senior secondary education March 2012


  • Java
  • Android
  • C++
  • Windows Development
  • python
  • Web Development

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