Java Enterprise

Spring (Boot & MVC), JUnit, Maven


Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes


Scripting, Command line applications, Web Applications

Version Control

Git, GitHub, GitLab


Cassandra, Redis, MySQL

Continuous Integration

Jenkins CI, Travis CI

Cloud Engineering

AWS EC2, EKS, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, networking etc.

Frontend Engineering

HTML, CSS, LESS, Google Closure, ReactJS

Android Application Development

Work Experience


Software Engineer - Senior Candidate

Works Applications Co. Ltd

December 2018 – Present Singapore

As a member of the Kubernetes team, responsible for developing deployment pipelines for the overall architecture of HUE, a multi-tenant distributed ERP software system.

Tags: Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Multi-tenancy, AWS


Software Engineer - Senior Candidate

Works Applications Co. Ltd

October 2017 – December 2018 Singapore

As a member of Authentication team, I was responsible for design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and improvement of application security-related functions (authentication methods, access control methods, etc) in HUE, an AI integrated cloud-based ERP system.

Tags: Java 8, Spring MVC & Boot, Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, JavaScript, Single Sign-on


Software Engineer - Junior Candidate

Works Applications Co. Ltd

October 2016 – October 2017 Singapore
As a member of COMPANY-EC, worked on improvement and maintenance of the large scale E-Commerce ERP system.

Android Developer intern


August 2015 – August 2015

Android Developer intern

IIT Guwahati Alumni Association

June 2015 – July 2015


Personal projects. Click on All to see the complete list


Document scanner implementation in Python using OpenCV

A tiny blockchain implementation in Python

A helper package to help test codes written in competitive programming

UDP server implementation in Java

Text editor written in Java

Simple SMTP server implementation in Python

minimal JIT compiler for X86-64 written in C++

Boilerplate project for creating sophisticated command line applications using the Click library in Python

Lightweight cache framework written in Java

Simple Regular Expression library written in C

TCP server implementation in C

Easy to use build tool for C and C++ projects, written in Python

A spell correction library written in Java 8

Enhanced Android app to track projects and ideas

A system to manage the operations of an inventory that deals with storage and delivery of PC parts.

A frontend-only system to manage freelancers for a company

A Facebook messenger bot written in Python

Android Application for IIT Guwahati Students to create study groups

Android based personal assistant to monitor upcoming events

Android app to help Geotechnical engineers

Blog Posts

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