About me

I am an R & D Software Engineer at Works Applications Co. Ltd with professional experience in Full Stack Enterprise Web Application development on the Java platform. Apart from this, I have project-based experience with several technologies like Android, desktop platforms - Linux and Windows, User interface design using HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery/Material design, programming languages - C/C++/Python/Shell etc.

I try to learn about everything I come across as much as possible. I am a perfectionist and a learner. I am always learning about something new or exploring the depths of a familiar topic. I have learned a lot about different technologies while working on my side-projects which I open source, or contributing to others’ code.

Work experience:

I am experienced in working at some start-up companies as an Android developer intern. I am familiar with the fast-paced culture and have been responsible for working on most of them from scratch and all by myself. During my period at EasyTables in the summer of 2015, I was successfully able to develop two food ordering Android applications in a span of 15 days, which helped them to expand their user base to Android platform. Around the same time, I was involved with 4-5 early-age startups that are not mentioned in my resume, since they failed and the work was stopped mid-way. During this, I learned about several technologies and methodologies in Software engineering. Then I joined Works Applications where I joined the COMPANY EC team, which was responsible for maintaining and improving a large scale eCommerce ERP system. So, I am experienced at working in different environments and handling multiple projects at the same time.

Currently working as:

Software Engineer in Security team of the Base Technologies division, Works Applications Co. Ltd., Singapore.

Side Projects:

I always try to learn something new out of my projects, and whenever I learn something new, I try to make something new out of it. My Github username is: manparvesh .


What I’ve been working on/writing about lately:



    A simple key/value database implementation in Python Read more



    Simple SMTP server implementation in Python Read more



    minimal JIT compiler for X86-64 written in C++ Read more



    Boilerplate project for creating sophisticated command line applications using the Click library in Python Read more



    Simple Regular Expression library written in C Read more



    Easy to use build tool for C and C++ projects, written in Python Read more



    Personal assistant based on the command line with several inbuilt features Read more

    Testing in click

    2 minute read Published:

    Using the testing module to write tests for your command line application written using click. Read more

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