Java Enterprise

Spring (Boot & MVC), JUnit, Maven


Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes


Scripting, Command line applications, Web Applications

Version Control

Git, GitHub, GitLab


Cassandra, Redis, MySQL

Continuous Integration

Jenkins CI, Travis CI

Cloud Engineering

AWS EC2, EKS, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, networking etc.

Frontend Engineering

HTML, CSS, LESS, Google Closure, ReactJS

Android Application Development

Work Experience


Software Engineer

Works Applications Co. Ltd

October 2016 – July 2019 Singapore
  • AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service migration: Migrated existing multi-tenant infrastructure from self-managed to EKS clusters, resulting in 60% availability improvement and 10% less engineering cost.
  • Deployment stability and speed improvements: Used parallelization to increase cloud environment startup efficiency by 60%. Used AWS monitoring services to increase component availability by 20%.
  • Single Sign-On Authentication implementation: Implemented SSO Authentication using Java and Spring Framework, which is being used by 70% of the customer companies.
  • Fixed critical issues: Provided fixes for critical issues in more than 50 customer environments while collaborating with developers and consultants from offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore.
  • Summer 2018 Internship Mentor: Mentored an intern to develop an integration test suite for security features; guided him to understand how authentication methods work in production systems.
  • Security mechanism proposal: Proposed a specification for a central mechanism to ensure acceptance of safe practices by all users, which would make the system safer by at least 40%.
  • Authentication methods improvement: Enhanced functioning of authentication methods like password authentication and two-factor authentication for seamless integration with different products.
  • Automated tests: Increased automated unit test coverage by 20% using JUnit and Mockito.



May 2017 – October 2018 Singapore
  • About: Built an open-source command-line personal assistant using Python 2, Python 3, and Click framework; wrote automated tests for command implementations using nosetests with 76% coverage.
  • Features: Chatbot, developer tools, diary, money manager, learning & productivity tools, etc.
  • Achievements: Listed in GitHub Trending; 600+ GitHub stars; 160+ forks; 80+ contributors
  • Online Coverage: Y Combinator News, Reddit,,,, etc.


Only selected projects are listed here. Visit my Github profile for my other projects and open-source contributions


Idea Tracker Plus

Enhanced Android app to track projects and ideas

Soil classification systems

Android app to help Geotechnical engineers

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