Alcheringa 2016

Man Parvesh Singh Randhawa
Alcheringa is something that is taken very seriously by the students at IIT Guwahati; in fact, sometimes more than the academics and other hobbies. During my stay at the campus, I was always a member of the Photography team for the festival.
The best thing about it? Everyone knows - I got to stay at the front; every time. I could roam around freely around the stage during the performances, sometimes even on the stage! I wouldn’t have to worry about occupying a seat; I could just sit anywhere in the front!
But nobody thinks about the downsides, you know. Getting exposed to loud speakers that are very close to your ears, imagine what would happen during a bad performance. We are criticized a lot because we have no role in bringing the celebrity to the campus and still get to see them up close.
Whatever, it was fun. Here are some posts to reminisce the experience.