List of small projects I’ve done

  1. Photography website: My photography website
  2. udpj: UDP server implementation in Java
  3. competitive-helper: A helper package to help test codes written in competitive programming
  4. Competitive Programming Templates: Some useful templates for different programming languages that can help in competitive programming
  5. Competitive Programming Codes: Codes written in competitive programming
  6. Super Inventory Manager: A system to manage the operations of an inventory that deals with storage and delivery of PC parts.
  7. Freelancer Management System: Freelancer management system, A simple project while learning web development
  8. time-reminder: An Ubuntu app that notifies you of time after every 30 minutes, written in C
  9. simple-java-app: Simple Java project to explain java project structure
  10. maven dependency exclusions: Project to explain Maven dependency exclusions.
  11. star: A star rating microservice with partial rating support.
  12. fcc-projects: Project codes for free code camp full stack developer certification
  13. FCC-portfolio: A Personal Portfolio Webpage developed while going through the full stack development certification course.
  14. testblog: a demo blog setup for ghost to be used with github pages
  15. lru: Least resently used (LRU) cache implementations
  16. MissedCallRegistration: Android application to save the missed call numbers in a person’s Google drive.
  17. GPlusIntegratedAndroidApp: Sample app to demonstrate Google Plus Login in Android
  18. AndroidWebApp: Best way to create a Web application for Android
  19. BandBajaBarat: A simple Android application design to for a wedding band booking app
  20. IITGStudyGroups: Android application for IITG Students to create study groups
  21. simpleCalculator: simple calculator using visual c++
  22. Soil-Classification: Soil classification Android application
  23. SocketProgramming: Codes written while learning Socket programming