What I learned this week

I’ve always had several topics, related to various fields, in my mind that I wanted to learn but the vastly known habit of procrastination always stopped me from doing something about it. I was learning something, although I realized that the rate at which I had been learning new things, there are always more and more things that I become aware of and I want to know. Knowing that I can learn more is obviously thrilling, but I never get myself to cover those topics and most of them are ultimately left out, or just forgotten by me.

So now I have decided to start this initiative so that I can learn as many things as possible (not just related to technology but to other fields like Psychology, Philosophy, Literature, etc.). I plan to write a blog post every week, describing what I learnt during that time and, if possible, what was I able to achieve with the same. Let’s hope I am able to stick with it.

The code repository for this initiative is here and I will be putting up the blog posts in a new blog

Man Parvesh Singh Randhawa
Man Parvesh Singh Randhawa
Software Engineer

My interests include distributed computing, information security and Software Engineering.