Trip to Universal studios

After successfully wastingmany of our days in Singapore settling and lazying around, I decided to go out with my friends to a place worth seeing. We planned to visit the Universal Studios here.

This was the time when we truly felt that we were in a different country.

We started with the rides - The ancient Egypt, the Transformers, and the other crazy ones. These were the most thrilling rides I have ever had. Then I went on to explore the park and I came across many interesting things:

The New York City part is a replica of the original cityscape, with similar sidewalks and classic landmarks.

The park is really huge with several rides, restaurants, retail stores, etc.

Overall, it was an amazing experience which made me miss my camera, so I definitely need to visit this place again.

Man Parvesh Singh Randhawa
M.S. C.S. student @ UT Dallas | Ex-Works Applications Singapore | IIT Guwahati

I am a Software Engineer interested in efficient large-scale distributed software systems.


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