Reducing redundancies while using git

With people who use git on a daily basis and use a pattern in their branch names and commit messages, for eg. for a task number, say 12345, the branch name should be ticket-12345 and the commit should be something like: refs #123456 descriptive commit message, it can become really tedious after a while. So, I wrote a bash function that you can use as an alias by adding it to the .bashrc or .bash_aliases.

	# colors
	NC='\033[0m' # No Color

        # getting the name of the branch and getting the ticket number
	branchname=$(git symbolic-ref --short -q HEAD)
	IFS='-' read -r -a array <<< $branchname


        # if we can get the ticket number, we proceed with committing
        # and pushing to origin.
        # Otherwise, we stop this procedure and show an error message
	if [ -z "$ticketnumber" ]
	    printf "${RED}Invalid branch name${NC}\n"
	    exit 1
            echo "Ticket number: $ticketnumber"
	    printf "${GREEN}Valid branch name${NC}\n"

	    git add -A
	    git commit -m "refs #$ticketnumber [email protected]"
	    git push origin HEAD

Hence, we save more power, and get work done more quickly.

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