Docker: Up and Running

I recently finished reading the book “ Docker: Up and Running” by Karl Matthias and Sean Kane. Docker has become an essential part of the deployment workflow of most software corporations today. I wanted to learn more about Docker and how I could exploit its features to the fullest, so I decided to start reading this book.

The book is written for a person who is interested in getting hands-on exposure to beginners interested in Docker. The authors will help you develop an understanding of Docker from the ground up, with proper examples on how to use it. While it is a good introduction, having prior experience with Docker, I found it to be not more than an introductory book. I had to skip a lot of pages, but I found the latter chapters helpful since that contained advanced information.

Things I liked about the book:

  1. Introduction to using docker at scale, using tools like docker swarm, etc.
  2. The chapter on Advanced Topics that covered topics like cgroups and container security.
  3. The section on best practices to be used in production environments.

All in all, the book helped me to gain knowledge on how to use docker a little better and obtain an idea of how I could integrate the knowledge I learned from this book to use not only at work but also in my side projects.

I plan to read “Kubernetes: Up and Running” next since kubernetes is a sturdy container orchestration system today, and I wish to know more about it.

Man Parvesh Singh Randhawa
Man Parvesh Singh Randhawa
Software Engineer

My interests include distributed computing, information security and Software Engineering.