Cookiecutter LaTeX templates

Date published: 30-Jun-2019



Recently I stumbled upon an interesting project called Cookiecutter1 which is based on a simple but an excellent concept, and has gained a lot of popularity since it's so useful. The primary usage of this project is to create templates for projects.

The community has created several templates for cookiecutter2 which can be used for different projects, like Python, HTML, Scala, Spring Boot, LaTeX, just to name a few. I usually take notes using the $\LaTeX$3 typesetting system and I found that there was only one template for it, so I decided to create some for myself and make them public too.


  1. book-double-column: To make a book with double columns
  2. book-single-column: To make a book with single column
  3. cheatsheet: Cheatsheet template with 3 columns
  4. lecture-notes: Lecture notes template

How to use

  1. Install cookiecutter1
  2. Clone this4 repository
  3. copy the template folders in this repo to the location ~/.cookiecutters/
  4. You can rename the templates according to your needs to use them
  5. use cookiecutter to create a LaTeX project like this: cookiecutter cookiecutter-cheatsheet-template (you can replace this name with the one you have changed to in the templates folder)